Year by Year ~ 1968 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Union. We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2019 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin – Information Sourced from the NZ Rugby Almanack 1969

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(Founded, 1921; Affiliated, 1922)
Headquarters: Ruatoria.

Selectors: Messrs. Moeraki Reedy, W.Goldsmith and Ed. Baker.

A very poor season, culminating in the disastrous match against Counties. All eleven matches were lost, mostly by wide margins. The net was cast. wide for talent, and 39 players represented, of whom eighteen were making their debut.Of the 29 players who appeared in 1967, only sixteen were called on again; T.Taare had moved to Poverty Bay. This all represents a big turnover of 53 representatives in two seasons.

Only one player. Colbert, a useful forward who played both at lock and on the side of the scrum, was present for every match. As well, nine players only appeared in as many as eight matches, and only eleven in half the matches, These were, Gilvray, a sound full-back, but who was also a useful five-eighth; Cross, speedy left winger, and the best back: Manuel, lock: Stewart, prop; Macdonald, again captain. who was a prop and later the hooker; Penetito, a capable No.8; Nepe, side-ranker: Henare, a 1965 representative, prop and new players Haisman, five-eighths or centre and Skudder, first five-eighth. All the remainder played fewer than six matches. Brown had last appeared in 1963, and Waenga and Murphy in 1966, whilst Houkamau had played for Counties in 1967.

The Union undertook a tour of five matches in the early part of the season, culminating with a Ranfurly Shield challenge.

Players 1968

      Position PL
0277 Placeholder Busby Brown Scrumhalf 1
0298 Placeholder Rangituatini 'Tene’ Henare Prop 10 (1)
0323 Placeholder Martin Haua Winger 5
0336 Placeholder John Lima Manuel Loose Forward, Lock 9 (1)
0337 Placeholder Terence E.R. Murphy Hooker 2
0365 Placeholder Te Whakamara 'Mara' Chambers Hooker 5 (2)
0369 Placeholder John Thomas Grayson Centre 4
0381 Placeholder A.J. 'Arthur' Cross Centre 10
0382 Placeholder Kenneth Cambrig Gilvray Utility Back 10
0383 Placeholder Robert ‘Bob’ Penetito Loose Forward 6
0388 Placeholder Puni Nepe Flanker 6
0393 Placeholder Hamish R. ‘Bill’ Stewart Prop 9
0396 Placeholder Barry Stuart Colbert Hooker, Prop 11
0396 Placeholder Barrie Stuart Colbert Hooker, Prop 0
0400 Placeholder Steven Waenga First Five, Scrumhalf 4
0401 Placeholder Campbell R.W. Horsley Centre 3
0403 Placeholder William Jury Reedy First Five, Fullback, Winger 1
0404 Placeholder Ian Hugh MacDonald Hooker 8
0405 Placeholder Thomas Poi Forward 5
0408 Placeholder John King Hooker, Prop 1 (1)
0412 Placeholder T.N. ‘Nick' Henson Fullback 2
0413 Placeholder George Fox Winger 3
0414 Placeholder Hori K. Houkamau Hooker 2
0415 Placeholder W.A.D. ‘Bill’ Nepia Forward 4
0416 Placeholder L.Peter Sherriff Forward 4
0417 Placeholder David J. Skudder First Five, Fullback 8 (1)
0418 Placeholder Michael 'Mick' Tamati Scrumhalf 4
0419 Placeholder Simon Frederick Vallance Forward 1
0420 Placeholder Murray Noel Haisman Centre 9 (1)
0421 Placeholder John T.K. Morice Centre, First Five 5 (1)
0422 Placeholder Paul E. Nyman Forward, Prop 5
0423 Placeholder Morgan Awarau Scrumhalf 4
0424 Placeholder David Para First Five 3
0425 Placeholder Rees Wallace Carmichael Centre 4 (2)
0426 Placeholder Ross Gerald Hanlen Hooker, Prop 1
0427 Placeholder P.K. Smallman Winger 1
0428 Placeholder Nicholas Warner Wilder Fullback 1
0429 Placeholder l.A. Bourgeous Prop 1
0430 Placeholder Brian James Kirk Morrissey Hooker, Prop 2
0431 Placeholder William Robert Knox Lock 1