Year by Year ~ 1967 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Union. We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2019 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin – Information Sourced from the NZ Rugby Almanack 1968

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(Founded, 1921; Affiliated, 1922)
Headquarters: Ruatoria.

Selectors: Messrs. Moeraki Reedy, R.Donald and Ed. Baker.

When Bush was defeated it was East Coast’s first success in 28 successive matches, and a further victory, over New South Wales Country, made it East Coast’s best season for a long while. Apart from the actual results, however, the football produced was also the best many years, the forwards especially playing with drive and purpose, quick to break up opposing attacks. The inside back combination of Taare, Robertson or McClutchie, and Grayson was also alive tor attacking opportunities, whilst Haua was a strong-running winger and Gilvray a competent full-back, as was Henson who later replaced him. A new young player from King’s College, Auckland, in Horsley has the makings of a good centre. Moved to the wing, Cross appears to have found his best position.

The arrival of the Taranaki veteran, MacDonald, gave the forwards a fine leader, well supported by former captain and fellow prop, Stewart. Colbert and Manuel were solid hard-working locks, with the loose trio of Penetito. No.8, and side-rankers Wi Repa and Nepe, quick and effective. The pack was held together, and later a new side-row forward, Tamepo, had a lot of success. Chambers, a hooker, who took Walker‘s place in the later matches, last represented in 1963. McCarthy had played for both Poverty Bay and Wanganui.

A total of 29 players represented in the nine matches, of whom ten were in their first year. Penetito had last appeared in 1965. Lewis had played for Poverty Bay in 1966, and also earlier in the current season. Of the previous year’s players, H.H.Henare had moved to King Country.

1967 Results

Sat 23 Sep 14:30 Representative NPEC v Auckland XV 00 - 09
Thu 14 Sep 14:30 Representative NPEC v King Country 14 - 15
Sat 09 Sep 14:30 Representative NPEC v Hawkes Bay 00 - 19
Wed 16 Aug 14:30 Representative NPEC v Poverty Bay 00 - 16
Mon 24 Jul 14:30 Representative NPEC v Waikato RU 06 - 22
Wed 12 Jul 14:30 Representative NPEC v NSW Country 15 - 13
Sat 24 Jun 14:30 Representative NPEC v Bay of Plenty 00 - 19
Wed 14 Jun 14:30 Representative NPEC v Bush RU 12 - 05
Mon 05 Jun 14:30 Representative Poverty Bay v NPEC 19 - 09

Players 1967

      Position PL
0258 Placeholder Tuta Wanui Taare Scrumhalf 9
0323 Placeholder Martin Haua Winger 8
0336 Placeholder John Lima Manuel Loose Forward, Lock 8
0364 Placeholder Daniel Ruha First Five 1
0365 Placeholder Te Whakamara 'Mara' Chambers Hooker 2
0369 Placeholder John Thomas Grayson Centre 9
0375 Placeholder David H. Walker Hooker, Prop 6
0376 Placeholder Dr.Tutere ’Doc’ Wi Repa Flanker 8
0381 Placeholder A.J. 'Arthur' Cross Centre 7
0382 Placeholder Kenneth Cambrig Gilvray Utility Back 5
0383 Placeholder Robert ‘Bob’ Penetito Loose Forward 9
0388 Placeholder Puni Nepe Flanker 3
0390 Placeholder Taina Mate ‘Charlie’ Keelan Winger 1 (1)
0393 Placeholder Hamish R. ‘Bill’ Stewart Prop 9
0395 Placeholder Parekura ‘Paddy' McClutchie First Five 4
0396 Placeholder Barry Stuart Colbert Hooker, Prop 8
0396 Placeholder Barrie Stuart Colbert Hooker, Prop 0
0398 Placeholder Amster Reedy First Five 2
0401 Placeholder Campbell R.W. Horsley Centre 6
0402 Placeholder Denis Mills Robertson First Five 6
0403 Placeholder William Jury Reedy First Five, Fullback, Winger 1
0404 Placeholder Ian Hugh MacDonald Hooker 8
0405 Placeholder Thomas Poi Forward 4
0406 Placeholder Norman Tamepo Flanker 4
0407 Placeholder Alan Ruatapanui Lewis Centre 1
0408 Placeholder John King Hooker, Prop 1
0409 Placeholder Laurence Edwin 'Laurie' Rau Prop 1
0410 Placeholder Brian Ihakara McCarthy Hooker 3 (3)
0411 Placeholder Arthur Waititi Forward 2 (1)
0412 Placeholder T.N. ‘Nick' Henson Fullback 4