Year by Year ~ 1964 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Union. We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2019 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin – Information Sourced from the NZ Rugby Almanack 1965

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(Founded, 1921; Affiliated, 1922)
Headquarters: Ruatoria.

Selectors: Messrs. P.Sayers, Wm.Rickard and J.M.Parkinson

A most disappointing season, without a single success to relieve the eight losses. The effort to place a regular strong XV, in the field was met with many difficulties and a total of 32 players were called on, 12 whom were making their first appearance. Seven of the XV placed in the field for the first match, the Queen’s Birthday fixture, were not played again. Three matches on a tour preceded the fixture against the Australians, the first time an International side has visited East Coast, and although beaten the Coast scored the first points a fine try by Milner, and had held the visitors to 9-3 at half-time.

Most lively in the loose play, the East Coast pack lacked the height and weight to dominate in the tight. The No.8 forward Maxwell, and the side-rankers, Ngatai and a new representative Wi Repa, were keen and active players, the latter especially so. Tamati and Sinel were the locks, Murphy the hooker, and Walker, a newcomer, a useful prop. Taare is an experienced half-back, but the two usual five-eighths Gibson, first, and Armstrong, second, were in their first season. Hooper was a real utility back, and was most useful, whether at five-eighth, centre or full-back. As was expected, Milner was the outstanding back but could represent his Union on only three occasions, whilst a prospect is new winger, Smith. On the right wing, Hana was again a speedy and useful player.

Milner was a member of the New Zealand Colts team, and also played in the Prince of Wales Cup match. Ackroyd and Ngatai had last represented in 1962 and Taare a year earlier, whilst Darling Moana had last appeared in 1953, and then at full-back.

1964 Results:

1964 Results

Mon 21 Sep 14:30 H Representative Counties Manukau 12 - 27
Sat 29 Aug 14:30 H Representative Poverty Bay 03 - 26
Sat 22 Aug 14:30 A Representative Hawkes Bay 28 - 14
Tue 11 Aug 14:30 H Representative Australia 03 - 28
Sat 01 Aug 14:30 A Representative Bay of Plenty 29 - 06
Thu 30 Jul 14:30 A Representative Waikato XV 22 - 09
Tue 28 Jul 14:30 A Representative King Country 30 - 12
Mon 01 Jun 14:30 A Representative Poverty Bay 14 - 00

Players 1964

      Position PL
0255 Placeholder Darling Moana Forward, Fullback 1
0258 Placeholder Tuta Wanui Taare Scrumhalf 8
0264 Placeholder Thomas Tamati Lock 6
0272 Placeholder E.R.'Knox' Karaka Centre, Fullback 3
0276 Placeholder Thomas Shelford Prop 3
0298 Placeholder Rangituatini 'Tene’ Henare Prop 4
0308 Placeholder David John Hooper First Five, Fullback 8
0322 Placeholder John Maxwell No.8 5 (1)
0323 Placeholder Martin Haua Winger 7
0326 Placeholder Alex D. Reedy Loose Forward 1
0327 Placeholder Walter C. Ackroyd Winger 1 (1)
0328 Placeholder T.W. Ngatai Flanker 6
0330 Placeholder M.T. ‘Tiger' Whakataka Forward 1
0336 Placeholder John Lima Manuel Loose Forward, Lock 1
0337 Placeholder Terence E.R. Murphy Hooker 7
0349 Placeholder Frederick Jackson Loose Forward 6
0353 Placeholder D.M. Fox Winger 1
0355 Placeholder Harold Williams Forward 1
0360 Placeholder Henare P.‘Buff' Milner Utility Back 3
0361 Placeholder Thomas Edwin 'Tom' Sinel Lock 8
0367 Placeholder Kevin Bruce Davies First Five 4
0368 Graham Aupouri No.8 1
0369 Placeholder John Thomas Grayson Centre 1
0370 Placeholder Charles Kameta Forward 1
0371 Placeholder Busby Smith Winger 7 (1)
0372 Placeholder Harry Te Runa First Five 1
0373 Placeholder Samuel J.R. Armstrong Centre 5
0374 Placeholder Peter Robert Gibson First Five 7
0375 Placeholder David H. Walker Hooker, Prop 7
0376 Placeholder Dr.Tutere ’Doc’ Wi Repa Flanker 6
0377 Placeholder M.T. Leach Winger 1
0378 Placeholder J.S. Moran Centre 1