Year by Year ~ 1957 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Union. We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2019 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin – Information Sourced from the NZ Rugby Almanack 1958

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(Founded, 1921; Affiliated, 1922)
Headquarters: Ruatoria.

Selectors: Messrs. C.P.Shea, D.McClutchie and R.Donald

A limited fixture list again this season provided little opportunity to the players, 27 of whom were needed in the four matches. Only four of these were newcomers, the most. likely of whom was side-ranker Grooby. Knox Karaka and Watson played in the North Island and New Zealand Trials, and provided impressive displays; Karaka made a name fur himself with hefty punting and some fine goal-kicking at Palmerston North, and with more opportunity could well improve. Watson was a likely looking centre. New arrivals included Whatarau from Counties, and ex- All Black Bagley, who had last appeared in 1954 for Poverty Bay. Of the others, 14 players had represented East Coast in 1956, W. and G.Walker, Kururangi and Edge in 1955, Takarangi in 1954, Moana in 1953 and Manuel in 1950. D.B.Green, the previous season’s winger, had transferred to Poverty Bay, from where he played in the New Zealand Trials. Whatarau played in New Zealand Maori team, and Karaka, Whatarau and George Walker represented Tai Rawhiti.

1957 Results

Sat 07 Sep 14:30 Representative NPEC v Bay of Plenty 16 - 20
Mon 12 Aug 14:30 Representative NPEC v Canterbury 11 - 12
Sat 29 Jun 14:30 Representative NPEC v Poverty Bay 18 - 06
Mon 03 Jun 14:30 Representative Poverty Bay v NPEC 23 - 06

Players 1957

      Position PL
0176 Placeholder T.J. Takarangi Fullback 1
0224 Karere ‘Babbie’ 'Babs' Henare Loose Forward, Lock 3
0226 Placeholder Barnard Manuel Forward 1
0234 Kono Waihi Winger 3
0244 Placeholder Koro M. Dewes Hooker, Prop 3
0250 Placeholder Hemara ‘Bo' Kururangi First Five, Winger 2
0255 Placeholder Darling Moana Forward, Fullback 3
0258 Placeholder Tuta Wanui Taare Scrumhalf 3
0264 Placeholder Thomas Tamati Lock 3
0266 Placeholder Thomas Edge Centre 2
0269 Placeholder Walter Walker Forward 2
0272 Placeholder E.R.'Knox' Karaka Centre, Fullback 3
0280 Placeholder Albert Ngatai Forward 1
0282 Placeholder Bruce Allan Watson Centre 1
0287 Placeholder George Kiwa Walker Lock, Prop 4
0298 Placeholder Rangituatini 'Tene’ Henare Prop 2
0301 Placeholder Turei Forest Dale Mackey First Five, Scrumhalf 4
0303 Placeholder Sonny Brown Prop 1
0305 Placeholder Euan Trafford Hovell Loose Forward 4
0307 Placeholder Tamati Muturangi Reedy Fullback, Winger 4
0308 Placeholder David John Hooper First Five, Fullback 1
0310 Placeholder Keith Parker Bagley Lock 1
0311 Placeholder William.F de Malmanche Forward 1
0312 Placeholder James Wilkie Hooker 1
0313 Placeholder Graham John Grooby Prop 3
0314 Placeholder Peter Turei Karaka First Five 1
0315 Placeholder Edward Hone Whatarau First Five, Fullback 2