Year by Year ~ 1955 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby Union. We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2019 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin – Information Sourced from the NZ Rugby Almanack 1956

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(Founded, 1921; Affiliated, 1922)
Headquarters: Ruatoria.
Selectors: Messrs. C.P.Shea, W.Rickard and L.Whangapirita

That 42 players, nineteen of them new, were required for this Union’s nine matches, shows that no semblance of combinations was achieved, and to that can be attributed the poor record. The tour undertaken provided opportunity to weld the side into a suitable striking force, but results were not forthcoming, although good forwards were always available. The burden of the backs was carried by Watson, a centre always prominent, and who was a Poverty Bay representative in 1954. At full-back Karaka was more than reliable, whilst Rickard was the best of the five-eighths on tour. The 17-year old Moeke in his first season appeared to have a bright future. Mahue, firstly at half-back, was again tried out at five-eighth, and could be regarded as a success. The strength of the Coast lay in the pack, where Spiers from Wellington College who later captained the XV, and who was in his first representative year performed grandly, especially in the line-out. Ably supporting was the 16-stone lock, Tamati, whilst Dewes, Henare and Pahuru were always prominent. Others to appear were Waihi (1951), A.Te K.Reedy (1951), Edge (1953) and McGrannachan (1953), former representatives.

Karaka , Watson, McPherson and Dewes were in the Poverty Bay – East Coast side against Australia; Karaka was the Coast’s sole representative in the Prince of Wales Cup match.

Players 1955

      Position PL
0202 Placeholder William ‘Billy' Lanigan Centre 2
0203 Arapeta Te Kotiri Reedy First Five 1
0217 S. Jensen Forward 1
0219 Placeholder Andrew Morehu Pahuru Prop 6
0221 Walter Materite Peachey Prop 1
0224 Karere ‘Babbie’ 'Babs' Henare Loose Forward, Lock 5
0234 Kono Waihi Winger 1
0238 Maraki T.O. Reedy Forward 3
0240 William Tangira Prop 3
0244 Placeholder Koro M. Dewes Hooker, Prop 8
0245 Placeholder Boy Mahue First Five 8 (1)
0250 Placeholder Hemara ‘Bo' Kururangi First Five, Winger 6
0253 Placeholder Charles Joseph McGrannachan Lock 1
0262 Placeholder Makarini 'Mack' Fox First Five, Scrumhalf 5
0264 Placeholder Thomas Tamati Lock 8 (1)
0265 Placeholder Reweti Te R. Green Winger 2
0266 Placeholder Thomas Edge Centre 0
0269 Placeholder Walter Walker Forward 2
0271 Placeholder Len Tamepo First Five 3
0272 Placeholder E.R.'Knox' Karaka Centre, Fullback 7
0274 Placeholder Milton Frederick Rickard First Five 3
0276 Placeholder Thomas Shelford Prop 5
0277 Placeholder Busby Brown Scrumhalf 1
0278 Placeholder P.L. Curry Forward 4
0279 Placeholder Frank ‘Scotty' McPherson Centre, First Five 5 (1)
0280 Placeholder Albert Ngatai Forward 2
0281 Placeholder John Douglas Spiers Forward 9
0282 Placeholder Bruce Allan Watson Centre 8
0283 Placeholder Raymond Chaffey Forward 4
0284 Placeholder Edric Daymond Fullback 1
0285 Placeholder W. Ferris Winger 4 (1)
0286 Placeholder J. Tunui First Five 1
0287 Placeholder George Kiwa Walker Lock, Prop 4
0288 Placeholder D. Waitoa Winger 1
0289 Placeholder Piripi Mairi Aspinall Forward 1
0290 Placeholder H.N ‘Leo’ Waikare Forward 1
0291 Placeholder Ronald Ngata First Five, Scrumhalf 4 (2)
0292 Placeholder John Jacob Moeke Centre 3
0293 Placeholder Boy Tamepo Forward 3
0294 Placeholder P.P. Wilkie Fullback 2
0295 Placeholder I. Timms Forward 1
0296 Placeholder Nolan Raihania Forward 1