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NPEC2014_7s Details


The purpose of this tournament is to provide an opportunity to promote Rugby Sevens amongst our NPEC clubs and strengthen our 7s baseline.

We hope all clubs and supporters attending will have an enjoyable day.

1. Clubs must confirm entry to the event by completing the Entry Form in this pack, and ensuring it is received by the ECRFU by 5pm on Thursday, 6th November 2014.

2. An entry fee of $120 (GST incl) per team will be required which will assist towards organizing costs, prize money, ground & sound system hireage etc. Food & drinks will be available for purchase at the grounds.

1. Players must be registered to the club they intend to play for, with the exception of 3 Invitational squad members per team.

2. Players must be 17 as of the 1st January in the year of the tournament and older – for the Tournament.

3. Each Team may have 3 INVITATIONAL PLAYERS. These players must be named and clearly identified on the Tournament Squad Sheet along with their current Union and wear jerseys 12, 13 and 14.

Squad Numbers:
1. Teams are allowed a maximum of 14 players in their squad for the duration of the tournament.

2. A Tournament Squad Sheet must be completed and signed off by the Team Manager. The Team Manager must hand in their team sheet at the manager’s meeting.

3. In case of a team losing more than 4 players to injury during the tournament, teams are allowed to draft in replacement players from other teams that have not qualified for playoff games.

Playing Time:
1. The period of play shall be 7 minutes each way, 1min for half time break.

2. The championship final will be 10 minutes each way, 2min for half time break.

Competition Format
1. Once team entries have been finalized by Thursday, 6th November 2014 – the draw will be finalized.

2. It will be a basic format of round robin play within pools then into play-off games.

3. Points Allocation:

1. Two (2) points for a win
2. One (1) point each for a draw

Drawn Games:
1. In the event of a draw at the end of playoff game, the winner will be determined by:

· Team which scored the first try of the game.

· If no tries have been scored, the team which has the highest difference of points ‘for’ minus points ‘against’ in their pool matches.

· If this is even then the team that has scored the most tries will be declared the winner.

· Where there is still a tie, the highest ranked shall be declared by the toss of a coin.

The referee will decide which team has the right to call first.

Tied Teams Formula:
1. If on completion of the pool matches two or more teams in their respective pools have the same aggregate number of points awarded, their final ranking will be determined in accordance with the following formula in order of sequence:

· The winner of the match already played between the two teams shall be declared the winner.

· If the two teams concerned had drawn the match indicated, the team with the lowest number of red and yellow cards in all games shall be declared the winner

· If this is equal, the team which had scored the most tries in the all games, shall be declared the highest ranked.

· If this is equal, the team, which has the highest difference of points ‘for’ minus points ‘against’ in their pool matches, shall be highest ranked.

· Where there is still a tie, the highest ranked shall be declared by the toss of a coin.

1. Each team is allowed to make 7 substitutions only during all games. No rolling substitutions.

2. Substitutions must be made through Match Officials and is only permitted during stoppages of play.

3. Players with blood have 7min window to re-enter the game.

Injured Players:
1. No new players can be brought into a team until that team is below the player number threshold of 10 fit and available players. Only then can a team apply for additional player/s to join their team.

2. Teams wishing to replace injured players must notify the Tournament Director immediately in person – outlining the injured players’ names, and the names, club details of the players you propose to replace them with.

3. If a replacement player plays in a match when they are not officially cleared to play by the Tournament Director, then that team will forfeit the match.

4. Injured players who are replaced cannot then re-join the team. Once they are out injured and have been replaced then they must not play again during that tournament.

1. All games will be provided certified referees.

DOWNLOAD FULL Competition Format Details and Entry Form HERE